Catharsis DailyStarting today we’ll write up a summary of What Happened On Wall Street each day where we attempt to make sense of craziness. We will write this…
And In Other NewsIf you follow our sector work here at Cestrian ETF Select, you may be interested in a (free) note we posted on Seeking Alpha today considering t…
Episode 704 Of "Try To Be More Like Big Money"
Cestrian 1, Energy Megacorp Complex, 0
Not Your Little Brother's YOLO Play
Welcome!Whole bunch of new folks joining us today. Welcome all!
Published Elsewhere, Relevant HereTake a look at this note of ours concerning space-sector ETFs. C…
The Times They Are A-Changin'Heads up. Effective immediately this newsletter will be expanding on the theme you’ve seen us cover in recent notes, being sector rotation. It’s…
Part II of our, "Energy Won't Always Go Up" note.
WTF?Read this. It’s in our Cestrian Tech Select newsletter but it’s highly relevant to this, our ETF letter, too.
We take another look at Sprott's Physical Uranium Trust.
(*) prolly